Day 19 – Thursday May 30, 2013

We woke up at 3:00 am so that we would all be ready before the black-out.  We were all ready just as the lights went out. We waited for the driver, Jeanjean, until 4:30 to get on the road to Port-au-Prince.  It was still dark on the tortuous road but at some points there were light reflectors on the parapets where the cliffs were at sharp turns.  We need a good driver to handle this twisted road around the mountain.
We made it to Port-au-Prince with moderate traffic jam except around Carefour.  We passed by Therese’s old house in Vivimitchel.  Then we went to Richard’s house where we ate the bread, lamveritab, and haran we had brought with us.  Therese got a call from Clifford who said he had returned home because A.A. said it had reimbursed the ticket money.  He would not be travelling to Haiti today.
At Lily’s house, Therese had to do many phone calls to resolve this problem.  After an hour or so we went to ‘Livres en Folie’ at the Park Sucre a Canne in Tabarre.  There I visited the museum’s artifacts and viewed the pictures of Jacques Roumain’s family tree.
D19-936 D19-943 D19-947 D19-959 D19-951 DSCN0950 DSCN0949 DSCN0941
It was good to talk to Michaelle Auguste and Mrs. Leger about their projects—Haiti’s economic empowerment and memorial for the victims of the earth quake.
In that event I saw Fr. William Smarth who I had tried to contact since my arrival in Haiti.  In the afternoon after walking around the whole park seeing all the authors and the large crowd that came to buy books at a discounted price, we decided to leave.  Then on our way out, I saw Konpè Philo.  He was happy to see me too.  We took a picture together as he had to continue to do his interviews.
I was dropped at Alix’s house to be picked up by Roger Taneus to go to the Auberge Sur La Montagne at Fermathe.
Alix is in the midst of modifying his house to accommodate his planned pharmacy.  The roads were pretty smooth, even up to the top of the mountain where the Auberge is located.
D19-984 D19-1001 DSCN1022 DSCN1025
I met the other guests:  Mrs. Jeanine Miyot Paultre and Mr. Jean Pierre.
We had dinner and I went to bed early in very comfortable surroundings.

I really felt lucky.  I had left Haiti at 18 living practically alone with my older brother, Jean Claude, before I got married at 19.  My husband and I struggled to raise our family through hard work, discipline, and sacrifice.  We were able to do well.  I am so grateful for my aunt, Jacqueline Roumain, who ensured my education and instilled values in me. She had encouraged me to teach the ‘restavek’ children at Rallye de St. Gerard when I was sixteen. She testified of self-less giving to many members of the family while raising me.  I believe she would be proud of me.

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