Day 18 – Wednesday May 29, 2013

I was awoken by a knock, apparently from the main gate.  No one answered.  The knocking repeated several times and eventually I just had to ignore it.  Weird. I finally woke up when I heard the car start because Eddy had to move the car on the side street before the market people occupied the closed street.

I decided to stay in the house with Therese and discuss questions and programming for the radio time the organization, Lipoufanm, will be sponsoring once a week on Sundays for two hours.  Therese is looking for the song ‘fanm d’Ayiti’ which will be the theme song for the program on Radio National d’Haiti.  The group’s slogan is: ‘ Konesans se Pouvwa, Pouvwa fanm se fòmasyon fanm’. She also made a list of music and possible topics she would like to present pending approval of the group.

In the afternoon, Eddy and I visited the other part of town and the Salessians sisters at Lamandou where they have primary, junior high, high school, and an ‘ecole normale’.  The facility is well maintained.  The campus housing these schools looks quite spacious.  Eddy was surprised that this facility existed right here.


School building

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