Day 20 – Friday May 31, 2013

I woke up to the quiet of the hills.  I prayed and waited for other guests and personnel to get coffee ready.   We had watermelon, bananas, eggs, and bread for breakfast.  Mrs. Paultre and I walked down the mountain to St. Jacques de Compestello church.


St. Jacques de Compestello Church

The pastor talked about his parishioners who come in great numbers on Wednesdays for adoration and prayers (jeune).  He identified the statues we did not recognize. We continued walking until we reached the Baptiste mission on the main road.  I could not buy anything because I did not bring any money with me.D20-1099

Mrs. Paultre could not walk back up the mountain, she had heart palpitations.  We had to call Mr. Taneus to pick us up.

At midday we had fresh papaya’s juice and in the afternoon we had dinner of fish, plaintain, salad, rice and peas.  Finally, I was able to have access to wi-fi. I skyped my husband and daughter.
In the evening, Roger and I talked about the days we volunteered at HAUP.  He helped in restoring the building we, the grassroot community, had purchased to have a storefront on Linden Blvd. He mentioned the idea of converting part of the
auberge in Fermathe as a retirement or nursing home.  We discussed the need to have these types of secure facilities to provide for the aging population of Haitians in Diaspora.

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