Day 11 – Wednesday May 22, 2013

The alarm on the phone was not turned off, it woke me up at 4:20 am AGAIN. Went back to sleep and woke at 5 am, showered and went to prayer at 5:45 am.  The electricity was not working we went on the adjoining porch and used the beginning daylight.


The students in the school yard

I watched Sr. Charitable open the school day with all the children in the yard.  She prayed, bid them well, and gave them the thought for the day, while I went to the office to type the budget on excel.
Sr. Charitable gathered the children who are being sponsored by the people of Colorado at Pax Christi. I took a group picture then one for each child individually.

D10 -481

The children flash me their biggest smiles

Around 11 am I went next door to talk about Kenna’ concerns for Joly and St. Anne’s proposal.  I prepared with Fr. Ulrick the budget for the cantine and the parish.   We completed them to send to Kanna. Fr. Ultrick understood that in this time of economical difficulty how hard it was to raise money in the parish twinning process.  He appreciated all the support already provided and promised to improve his acknowledgement methods to funds received.

At 1:15, Sr. Charitable, the teachers and I met in one of the classrooms.  I presented my predictable books and brought up the need to help the children to be aware of the environment by writing about it.  I had heard the day before the children saying in unison: “3 et 2, 32”; “5 et 7, 57”.  It had taken me a while to figure out the children were reading the numbers not adding.  I mentioned if it would be best to say: 3 dizèt et 2 inite fè 32. The meeting was short  but the teachers were very interested in the process of reading to writing and writing to reading.
I walked around town from the square, some side streets toward the ocean, then toward ‘labasseville’ and came back through the cemetery route.  I wished to have had a guide to really acquaint myself with the area. I stopped by L’ Ecole Polytechnique Sainte Anne (Polytechnic School) Institute of Higher Education and Career Development opened in October 2012.  I spoke with Mr. Nivrose, the director. CORA of NY had asked for an estimate for the repair of the parish hall into renovating it for the mediatheque for the use of both the School and the town.  CORA is negotiating with Patricia Brintle of From Here to Haiti to take this as a project.  CORA will raise the funds.  They only need the expertise and the work model of FHTH to complete the mediatheque in a timely fashion.
H (274) H (276) H (278) H (291) H (297) H (298)
DSCN0449 DSCN0467
Feeling hot when I got to the cocnvent, I showered.   I was pleasantly surprised to find a hook on the inside of the stall’s door, a towel on the floor, and hangers in the closet.  We had supper and each one of us went to our bedrooms.
The rain was still pouring heavily as we went to bed.

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