Day 3 – Tuesday May 14, 2013

Talked with Sr. Zelenda about donation to support some of the projects of the Daughters.

We visited with Sr. Marcelle, Filles de Marie Congregation, at Notre Dame de l’Espoir in Meyer by ‘Morne Kabrit’.  She is responsible for the Orphanage which has 14 boys.  D3-H (17)She also overseas the school which has 205 students, 8 teachers, 1 guardian, 1 secretary, 1 monitor (siveyan).  In addition to these individuals, there are four nuns–Marcelle, Bernadine, Noel, Myriam (principal)  and 9 other personnel–2 cooks, 2 kitchen aids, 2 house workers, 2 laundry (lesivyè), 1 monitor.  Some workers split their duties between the orphanage, the house, and school.  She asked us to review the budget she is planning to submit in a proposal to Forgotten Children to ask for funds to support the cantine.  Sr. Martha can be of great help in this matter.  Hopefully, Sr. Marcelle will avail herself of Sr. Martha’s expertise.

D3-H (37) (55)

St. Vincent de Paul

We also visited the next door project relinquished by Food for the poor.  It is the St. Vincent de Paul elderly village taken over by a congregation from South Korea called KKOTTONGNAE started by Fr. John Oh (Woong Jin) in 1986. This group is now managed by Sr. Matthias Choi, a geriatric nurse practitioner. 

D3 - H (39)

Sister Mathais Choi (left)

It is extraordinary the way Sr. Mathias speaks Kreyòl and the way she has been handling this facility these past six months.  There are 325 houses in the village and 230 elderly.  The center has a clinic, staff house and office.  Sr. Mathias’ desire is for the people she serves to come and eat together in community rather than go each to their individual houses.

D3-H (41)


Why did Food for the Poor pull out of these projects and not provide a budget for them for at least six months until the new providers could get their own source of funding?  Is Food for the Poor still asking money for these projects?  These are some questions that come to mind.

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